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2.3.5 Grouped Content

Grouped content is important to bundle content and show it together in one layout component such as a carousel, a slide show or in a tile layout. Figure 2.11, “Tile layout of a collection” shows the content of a Collection in a simple tile layout.

Tile layout of a collection

Figure 2.11. Tile layout of a collection

CoreMedia Content Cloud comes with different collection types for different grouping use cases.


A Collection item is the standard content for grouping. You simply add the content items you want and they will be shown together.


A Gallery item is a collection specifically used for images for the common use case of an image gallery on your website.

Query List

A Query List item is a bit more sophisticated because you do not explicitly say which content items should be included. Instead, you define conditions which a content must fulfill in order to be shown. When you have tagged your content, you might include only content with the tag "Salad", for instance.

Personalized Search

A Personalized Search is similar to a Query List but differs by the search conditions. A Query List only searches for content depending on tags and context while a Personalized Search can also search for content depending on the user's context. So, you might exclude content that a user has already visited or include content that is tagged with keywords that a user likes.

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