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Studio User Manual / Version 2107

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4.6.3 Editing Formatted Text

In Studio, you can edit fields containing two different types of text: Simple text fields (1), which are used for short descriptions or to specify a language, etc. and fields for formatted text (3), which are used for full-length articles, for example.

In simple text fields, you can enter a specific number of characters without formatting. In fields for formatted text, you have many more possibilities: you can format your text, insert tables, add links to other content items and much more besides. The following subsections show you how you can create formatted text items.

A simple text field and formatted text

Figure 4.42. A simple text field and formatted text

You can use the integrated WYSIWYG editor to edit text in a way that is familiar from other text editors. When editing text, the following options are available to you (2):

  • Undo/redo last editing action

  • Apply paragraph styles

  • Bold text

  • Italic text

  • Underline, strikeout, superscript or subscript text

  • Format text blocks to be left-aligned, centered, right-aligned or justified

  • Insert or delete external links

  • Create tables

  • Create numbered lists

  • Create bulleted lists

  • Increase or decrease text indents

  • Inserting images

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