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Studio User Manual / Version 2107

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4.7.10 Uploading Content to Salesforce Marketing Cloud



CoreMedia Blueprint feature

CoreMedia Blueprint allows you to upload content to Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC). For configured string, richtext or image blob properties of a given content type CoreMedia Studio has an upload button on the Action toolbar.

Preview dialog

Figure 4.159. Preview dialog

Uploading Content to SFMC

  1. Open the document of which the content properties should be uploaded to SFMC.

  2. Click the upload icon to upload the configured properties of the content.

    The button shows the progress of the upload process, that is the percentage of the already uploaded items to the total number of uploadable items:

    Upload progress

    Figure 4.160.  Upload progress

    When the upload is completed, the uploaded items can be found on SFMC as assets:

    Uploaded assets

    Figure 4.161.  Uploaded assets

For each uploaded CoreMedia content there is a folder with a name composed of the document name and content ID. In the folder for each uploaded content property there are one or more assets. For an image blob property there is an asset for each of the transformed image crops and the original image. The name of an asset is composed of the content name, property name and - in case of images - the crop name. The uploaded assets can now be used in SFMC, for example as content in a newsletter.

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