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6.2.4 Highlight CoreMedia Content Cloud Content on Shop Pages

If a shop page contains CoreMedia Content Cloud placements, you can highlight these placements by clicking the "Show Placements button".

Highlighting of content on shop pages

Figure 6.47. Highlighting of content on shop pages

You can find the button in the toolbar beyond the preview frame, placed left to the device type slider (see red box). The button is only visible when the page is a shop page and contains placements.

By clicking the button, the placements on the page are highlighted. There are three types of placements.

  • Blue Box: If the placement is filled you will find a blue border around it along with the placement name.

  • Green Box: If the placement is supported by the layout, but left empty, you will find a green box with the information that the placement is empty and the placement name.

  • Orange Box: If the placement is not available because the CoreMedia Content Cloud pagegrid layout does not support this placement at all, you will find an orange box with that information with the placement name.

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