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Studio User Manual / Version 2107

Table Of Contents Localizing a Project

Localizing a project means, that all content items that are assigned to the project will be added to a translation or synchronization workflow.

You have several options to start a localization workflow.

  • Simply click the [Localize all] button in the Project window.

    Localize all

    Figure 4.150.  Localize all

  • Start a localization workflow for a project from the Control Room. Simply right-click the project and select Start translation workflow or Start synchronization workflow from the context menu, or drag and drop the selected project onto Localization Workflows section.

  • Select content items in the Content link list of the project tab and start a publication workflow for these items.

In all cases, proceed as described in Section 4.7.4, “Translating Content” or Section 4.7.5, “Synchronizing Content”.

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