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Studio User Manual / Version 2107

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8.1.4 Prioritize a Content

In order to prioritize a content for instance an article proceed as follows:

  1. In the moderated item list, find a comment that belongs to the article that you want to prioritize.

  2. Hover over this row and an icon with an arrow up appears, which you can click on to prioritize the article.

You can only prioritize one comment target. To deprioritize it again, you can either prioritize another one or you can hover over a prioritized comment and click on the icon of an arrow down which will appear.

All comments that belong to the article and need moderation appear at the top of the moderated item list, right behind articles or users profiles that have complaints. These are marked with an exclamation mark.

The article is only prioritized for the current user and session. That is, after a relogin the prioritization is not active anymore.

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