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4.7.4 Translating Content

CoreMedia Content Cloud lets you manage sites in different languages (see Section 2.10, “Multi-Site and Multi-Language” for details). It supports the translation process with the side-by-side view, a translation workflow, export and import of content in the standard XML Localization Interchange File Format (XLIFF) and lets you derive an existing site for translation.



In addition to these sections, also have a look into the Multi-Site Manual. The manual describes different options to design your site hierarchy and gives some guidance to avoid common pitfalls when working with multi-site content.

When you translate a content, most properties that do not need translation will be updated to the content of the master property. For example, you have an integer property which contains the weight of a product and you change it in the master, then the weight will be updated in the derived site, when you start a translation workflow. However, this behavior can be changed in the content type definition (see Section 4.1, “Properties” in Content Server Manual for details). So, there might be properties which will not be updated.

Icon Name
Open sites window
Derive site
Translation to derived sites
Translation to preferred site
Download XLIFF
Compare content items

Table 4.30. Icons for Translation

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