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Studio User Manual / Version 2310

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8.1.10 Browse and Search all Comments

Comments that you have moderated are removed from the Moderation View, but you can browse through all comments (1), moderated and not moderated (see Figure 8.10, “All comments view”). Simply select the All Comments tab. The content of a selected comment is shown in the Preview (2).

All comments view

Figure 8.10. All comments view

Search for Comments

You can search for specific comments using a full-text search with filters. Select the required filters:

  • Comment type (3): You can distinguish between comments with uploaded images ("Comment with media"), without images ("Comment"), all comments ("Any") or reviews ("Review").

  • Search term (4): Select comments only, that contain a specific word.

  • Status (5): Distinguish between "New" comments that are not moderated yet, comments that are already "Approved", comments that have been "Rejected" or all comments.

  • Username (6): Select comments of specific users.

Search Results

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