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6.2 Working with Commerce Content


eCommerce Connector feature

With the help of the eCommerce Connectors, you can integrate CoreMedia Content Cloud with eCommerce systems. Therefore, the Library offers direct access to the commerce content.

You can use the placeholder content types Product Teaser, Product List, Augmented Category, Augmented Product and Augmented Page to add eCommerce content to the sites managed in CoreMedia Content Cloud. These content items hold a link to the corresponding commerce content. Changes in the commerce system are immediately visible in the CMS.

With the Connector for HCL Commerce you also have the e-Marketing Spot content type and you can use commerce segments in personalized content as described in Chapter 7, Working with Personalized Content.

In the opposite direction, you can add content from the CMS system into sites created by the commerce system.

The following sections describe how you access commerce content in Studio and how you work with commerce content types in order to include content from your commerce system into your site (Content-led scenario) or the opposite direction (Commerce-led scenario or fragment approach).

Icon Name
Augment a category or product from the commerce system
Create a product teaser for the selected commerce product

Connector for HCL Commerce specific

Create an e-Marketing Spot for the selected commerce e-Marketing Spot

Search product variants (SKU) for the selected product
Search product images for the selected product
Show product lists from a category filtered by some properties

Table 6.1. Icons for working with commerce

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