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Studio User Manual / Version 2310

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In order to give you a quick overview of your current work CoreMedia Studio contains the Dashboard. You can position different widgets on a grid and thus create your personal workplace.

CoreMedia Studio for example contains the following widgets:

  • Edited by me: Shows the content items that you have edited at last.

  • Edited by others: Shows content items that are currently edited by others.

  • Simple Search: Shows the results of a search that you have configured in the widget.

  • Saved Search: Shows the results of a saved search that you have configured in the library

  • Site Performance Widget: A Blueprint feature that shows the performance of a site, that is its page views and publications.

  • Translation Overview: Shows the translation state of the selected site.

  • Open To-Dos: Shows all your open To-Dos.

The Dashboard

Figure 2.29. The Dashboard

While CoreMedia CMS was introduced in your company, chances are high that more widgets have been developed for your needs.

To access the Dashboard, click the tab, select Dashboard in the Main menu or press F2 on your keyboard (if not configured otherwise).

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