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Studio User Manual / Version 2310

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When you have selected a site with a connected eCommerce system, you will see the eCommerce content in the tree of the Library. When you use the Connector for HCL Commerce and you have configured support for multiple catalogs, you will see all catalogs.

You can use the standard Library functionality (see Section, “Library”) to browse through the eCommerce content, search for items or add products to a Product Teaser content type, for instance. Only the filters are not applicable.

eCommerce content in Library

Figure 6.7. eCommerce content in Library

In this view, you can browse through the catalogs as you can browse through the CMS content. You can even open a commerce product as a read-only content in Studio with a double-click or create an Augmented Category or Augmented Product (see Section, “Adding eCommerce Category”.


Connector for HCL Commerce specific feature

When you have multiple catalogs and you search below the complete commerce site (below AuroraESite, for example), you will only find content from the default catalog! In order to find content from other catalogs you have to select the catalog folder and search below this folder.

Commerce product opened in Studio

Figure 6.8. Commerce product opened in Studio

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