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2.3.4 Business Content of a Website

Business content is the content with which you entertain, inform or inspire your users, through articles, images, videos, audio, image maps and many more. CoreMedia Content Cloud offers several content types which are custom-made for these different use cases:

  • Textual Content

    For textual content, there is only one type, Article. That does not mean, that you cannot add textual descriptions to other types, for example multimedia content. It does also not mean, that an Article contains only textual content. You can, for example, add images to an Article.

  • Multimedia Content

    For multimedia content, such as images, video, audio there are specific content types with the corresponding names. They have special properties to store this content. Most notable is the blob property in which you store the multimedia content but there are also properties for metadata such as copyright information and more.

  • Commerce Content

    In order to include content from your commerce system into the CMS, there are placeholder types (e-Marketing Spot, Augmented Page, Product Teaser) to which you can drag content from the commerce system. These types hold a reference to the eCommerce content and can be added to the site like all other contents. A Product Teaser, for example, can be used at the same locations as a Teaser.

    In order to manage product information without an external commerce system, there are two content types Category and Product. You can use these types to create a product hierarchy with nested categories.

  • Dynamic Content

    Dynamic content types are a bit special. They collect other content items from the repository due to some conditions and can be used as a "placeholder" for this content. Examples are the Top-N lists from the Elastic Social extension (see Section 4.6.12, “Editing Top-N Lists”) or the Content Queries from CoreMedia Blueprint (see Section, “Creating Content Queries”).

A teaser is a short information chunk on a web page that links to a more comprehensive description or to a larger site. Many websites use teasers on the sidebar of a page. Most of CoreMedia content types have properties Teaser Title and Teaser Text. When you use such a content in a "teaser" position of your website, then the content of the teaser properties will be shown and the teaser links to the complete content.

If you use an Article, for example, in teaser position, then the teaser will always link to this article. To create different teasers to the same content, CoreMedia Content Cloud has a specific Teaser content type. Teaser content has again a Teaser Title, Teaser Text and Pictures but also Teaser Targets field which holds the link targets of the teaser. You can add several targets to the Teaser Targets field, where the first entry is the target when you click the teaser. However, you can add call-to-action buttons to all targets. In this case, a user who clicks the call-to-action button opens the target of the button.

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