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Studio User Manual / Version 2310

Table Of Contents Managing Taxonomies

A taxonomy can be used to categorize content in a consistent and hierarchical manner. CoreMedia Blueprint comes with a predefined taxonomy that you can adapt to your needs using the Taxonomy Editor.

The taxonomy editor

Figure 4.108. The taxonomy editor

Taxonomy entries are stored as content items from type Tag or Location.

Opening the taxonomy editor

Open the Main menu and click [Tags] .

Editing taxonomies

You can add, move and delete tags in the Taxonomy Editor

Adding tags

Select a tag to which you want to add a child tag and click the [Add child tag] icon. A form (3) appears where you can enter the name of the new tag (6). The newly created tag will automatically be saved and published to the Live System.

Adding a new tag

Figure 4.109. Adding a new tag

Moving tags

In order to move a tag you can simply use drag and drop or proceed as follows:

  1. Select the tag you want to move.

  2. Click the [Cut tag] icon.

  3. Select the tag to which you want to add the tag as a child.

  4. Click the [Paste tag] icon.

Deleting tags

If you delete a tag, you should check first if the tag is used by other content items. To do so, select the tag in the Taxonomy Editor and open the System tab (1). Check the Contents which link to this content field (2) for linking content items.

Check for linking content items

Figure 4.110. Check for linking content items

Double click the linking content items to open them and remove the tag from the content items.

If the content item is not linked anymore, select the tag and click the [Delete selected tag] icon. The tag will be deleted and the corresponding content item will be moved into the trash.

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