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3.3.15 Configuring Elastic Social

You can configure the behavior of Elastic Social in CoreMedia Blueprint in detail using settings, which are stored as Struct properties. You can, for example, define which parts of your website should allow post-moderation or you can disable likes. You will find a complete list of all settings in the Section 6.3.1, “Configuring Elastic Social” in Blueprint Developer Manual .

  1. Open the Page content item for which you want to edit the configuration.

  2. Open the Settings tab of the form and scroll in the Linked Settings field to the Elastic Social entry and double-click the entry. This opens a Settings content item.

    If the Page content item has no Elastic Social entry go to the Local Settings field and add the required property to the Struct field.

Now, you can change a setting.

Elastic Social configuration in a Settings content item

Figure 3.14. Elastic Social configuration in a Settings content item

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