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Studio User Manual / Version 2310

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You can add tags from a predefined taxonomy to a content item.

Categorized Article

Figure 4.105. Categorized Article

There are three ways:

  • Select an entry from the Suggested Tags field.

  • Start typing. If the word exists in the taxonomy, you will get a suggestion that you can select.

  • Click the [Choose Tag] icon and select the entry from the Tag Chooser. This step will be explained below.

Tag chooser

Figure 4.106. Tag chooser

Using the Tag chooser

All available options are shown in the Browse all available tags field (5). There you will find categories (bold face), which have subentries and tags. All selected tags ore categories are shown in the Selected Tags field (2). The currently selected category is shown at the top of the Tag field (4).

Adding a tag or category

If you want to add a tag or category to the selected tags, you have to click the + icon of a tag.

Removing a tag

If you want to remove a tag or category from the selected tags, you have to click the - icon (3) of a tag or category in the Selected tags field (2).

Opening a category

If you want to open a category in order to select a sub entry you can click or double-click the category.

Selecting a suggestions mode

Suggestions can be determined by the system through simple name matching or through a semantic analysis using (OpenCalais). To this end, the content of the fields Title, Detail Text, Teaser Title and Teaser Text is used.

Select a suggestions mode

  1. Open the User Menu and select Preferences.

  2. Open the Tags tab and select the mode in the Suggestions field.

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