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Table Of Contents Performing Translation: Start, Finish and Abort

You can use translation workflows to coordinate translations in the derived sites. As site manager of a master site, you may trigger workflows to delegate translation to the site managers of the derived sites. As site manager of a derived site, you may trigger a workflow to retrieve updated contents from the master site for translation.



In order to start a translation workflow you have to be a member of the group translation-manager-role. For more information have a look at Section 3.15, “User Administration” in Content Server Manual.

If content does not exist in a target site, it will be created automatically. This also applies to links in the original content that have not been translated yet. Thus, your project will also contain these contents.

Contents will always be created in a folder structure identical to that of the master content. So if this folder has been removed or renamed in the target site, it will be created again.

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