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4.6.2 Comparing Versions

In CoreMedia Content Cloud you can compare your current working version of a content item with older versions.

Open the comparison view

In order to compare two versions, click the icon. The view shows the two versions side-by-side. Changed fields are highlighted with a green border.

Comparison view

Figure 4.40. Comparison view

Getting a list of changed fields

Click the icon to open the list with changes. You can click each change to jump to the corresponding field.

Get the list of changes

Figure 4.41. Get the list of changes

Comparing rich texts

While most updates to content items are expected to affect rich text properties, changes within these values are particularly difficult to spot. This is why the rich text fields in the comparison view provide a detailed change highlighting. Additions (1), removals (2) and formatting changes (3) within the rich text are all highlighted individually.

Rich text change highlighting

Figure 4.42. Rich text change highlighting

Select a different version

If you want to compare your current working version with a different version, simply click the version field in the header of the form. A list opens where you can select another version from.

Selecting another version

Figure 4.43. Selecting another version

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