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Studio User Manual / Version 2310

Table Of Contents Pasting Content from the Clipboard

CoreMedia Studio supports pasting content from the clipboard. This content may be content items from the CoreMedia system, simple text without formatting or text pasted from Word. Most of the Word formats that are supported by the Studio rich text field, such as bold, italic, lists, simple tables, can be copied. Other formats, such as inline color, font size changes, complicated tables won't work.

Pasting Content Items

You can copy content items in the Library and paste them into a rich text field.

  1. Copy a content item from the Library using the copy icon.

  2. Place the cursor at the location you want to paste the content item.

  3. Click the icon.

Depending on the content type, the item will be inserted as a link or an image.

Pasting text

You can paste copied text using the standard keyboard shortcuts.

  1. Copy the text you wish to paste to the clipboard.

  2. Place the cursor at the location you want to paste your text.

  3. Press Ctrl+V. The text is pasted with formatting intact.


  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+V. The plain text is pasted.

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