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While navigating through formatted text in Studio works fine with your mouse, you can also mark text, open balloons or select buttons in toolbars via keyboard only.

It differs slightly from the keyboard navigation in other parts of Studio though. This section will not cover every aspect on how to navigate each action or button in the editor, but rather highlights where navigating the editor differs from the rest of the Studio.



If a shortcut exists for buttons in the editor's toolbar it will usually be shown in the tooltip of each button.

When navigating into the editor with the keyboard, you will notice that the editor's toolbar is skipped and the editing area is focused right away. You can jump into the toolbar whenever the editor is focused, by pressing <Alt>+<F10>. If a contextual balloon is visible, the navigation will jump into the balloon's toolbar instead. You can then switch the focus between different toolbars with the same shortcut.

Keyboard navigation in toolbars or on buttons works just like in the rest of the Studio.

The following list contains shortcuts specific to working with content in the Studio. Please have a look at the CKEditor 5 documentation for a list of more general CKEditor 5 keyboard shortcuts.

Shortcut Action
<Strg>+<Shift>+<O>.Open selected Image in Tab
<Strg>+<Shift>+<P>.Paste Link to Content in Clipboard
<Strg>+<Enter>Open selected Content Link in Tab

Table 4.16. Formatted Text - Content related Keyboard Shortcuts

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