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Studio User Manual / Version 2310

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3.5.2 Searching for Users and Groups

  1. Open the Main menu and select User Manager.

    Search fields

    Figure 3.21.  Search fields

  2. In field Type (1) select if you want to search for users or groups.

  3. In field Domain (2) select the domain.

  4. In field Search (3) enter your search (be aware, that the search is case-sensitive). The results matching your search are displayed in the list below (4).



    By default, you have to enter at least three characters, to get results. This number can be changed by a system administrator in the property studio.usermanager.minSearchCharacters.

  5. In order to open the detail view, you can either double-click a user or group or select it and click the Edit icon.

Search Results

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