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2.11 Personalization

Adaptive Personalization is a CoreMedia module and allows you to present content to your users depending on some characteristics of these users. These characteristics might be of a more general nature such as the browser used or the current time or more specific (especially when the user is logged in) such as the age of the users or their interests.

CoreMedia Content Cloud contains specific content types, such as Personalized Content or Personalized Search. You can use these types to define content that will be shown when a specific condition is fulfilled. You might, for example, show teasers for different kind of music depending on the age of the user that accesses the page.

Personalized Content Example

Figure 2.50. Personalized Content Example

You can even use commerce segments in the CoreMedia personalization content. That is, a user will only see a CoreMedia content when the user is a member of a specific commerce user segment.

So called "Customer Personas" can be used to test your personalized site. A Customer Persona is a test user with specific attributes such as gender, age or hobbies. You can view your site in the context of this test user and check if your personalization settings work as expected. You can easily switch between different Customer Personas (see Section 7.2.4, “Working with Customer Personas” for details).

Customer Persona Selector and overview

Figure 2.51. Customer Persona Selector and overview

See Chapter 7, Working with Personalized Content for more details on Adaptive Personalization.

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