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Studio User Manual / Version 2310

Table Of Contents Adding a Product List

You can add a list of eCommerce products to your site, using the Product List content type and add CMS content to fixed positions of the list. So you might, for example, show a list of kitchen products and add an article about cooking to the list.

Creating a Product List
To create a new product list, do as follows:
  1. Create a new content of type Product List

    Example of a product list

    Figure 6.14.  Example of a product list

  2. Define the product list by adding the appropriate values to the following fields in the Conditions tab:

Field name Default Description
Product Category (1) -

The category from which the products should be taken. Drag a Category from the Library on the field.

Filter Facets (2, 3, 4) -

Depending on the selected category, filter facets and values for a refined search are shown here. Please note that for older product list content items a validation error might raise which prompts a message to re-assign a previously selected value. This re-assignment ensures that the data is stored in a new format that does not contain localized values anymore and supports multiple facets.

By which order should the products be sorted? (5) Price ascending

The sorting order. You can choose between "Price ascending" and "Price descending".

Which position of the result list should be the first to be displayed? (6) 1

At which position of the result list should the display start.

How many products should be displayed at most? (7) 10 The number of products to be shown. If there are fewer results in the list, then all results are shown.

Table 6.2.  Fields of product list

  1. In the Content tab, you can add CMS content to the Items with Fixed Position field (Articles, for example) that are displayed at the position, defined in the Fixed Position field.

    Drag one or more content items on the Items with Fixed Position field. Then click the small arrow (1) in order to open the field and select the position of the item in the Fixed Position field. The item will not be shown when you enter no position.

    CMS content in product list

    Figure 6.15.  CMS content in product list

  2. Save your changes.

  3. Add the product list to your site.

The site will now show the product list and if you added an item to a specific position you will see the item at this position.

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