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Studio User Manual / Version 2310

Table Of Contents Adding eCommerce Category

In order to add a category to your CMS site, you have to augment the eCommerce catalog category. The Augmented Category content is automatically stored below the Augmentation folder in your site folder. The icon of the eCommerce catalog category in the Product Catalog in the Library changes in order to indicate the augmentation.

Augmented categories in the tree view of the Library with specific icon

Figure 6.16. Augmented categories in the tree view of the Library with specific icon



By default, Augmented Category items are hidden in the content part of the Library. They are only shown in the Product Catalog. To find the augmented categories in the content, select Show Products and Categories as Content in the Preferences window.

  1. From the Library select the category in the eCommerce tree and select Augment Category from the context menu.

    The Augmented Category content item is automatically created.

  2. Link the new augmented category to the parent Page content item. To do so, drag the augmented category item into the Navigation Children field in the Navigation tab of the parent Page content item.

Select the parent Page in the Form view, and you will see the new navigation node in the preview.

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