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Studio User Manual / Version 2310

Table Of Contents Activating the Replacement of Parts of HCL Commerce Pages with CoreMedia Content


HCL Commerce specific feature

With CoreMedia Content Cloud parts of the commerce site can be edited in Studio. In this case, those parts are rendered by CoreMedia.

Editable parts

The following parts can be edited in Studio:

  • The header including the navigation.

  • The navigation only.

  • The navigation in the footer

  • The footer

You can independently activate the rendering by CoreMedia for each part. Add the following Boolean property with value true to the settings of the site:

  • Header: livecontext.manageHeader

  • Navigation: livecontext.manageNavigation

  • Footer Navigation: livecontext.manageFooterNavigation

  • Footer: livecontext.manageFooter


For a detailed description of how to work with the navigation see Section, “Changing the Navigation”.

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