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Studio User Manual / Version 2310

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For administrative users only.

Administrative users have the possibility to approve and publish content items directly without starting a workflow. To this end three more buttons are offered to them in the toolbar of the Library, the context menu of the Library and Control Room, and the Actions Toolbar:

Icon Name
Approve and Publish

Table 4.31. Icons for Publication Actions without Workflow

If the publication takes some time, the action bar will display a pulsating icon. As soon as publication is complete, a success message is shown on the lower right of the screen. If an error occurred during publication, then the publication window will appear, providing details of how to resolve the problem.

Publication window with problems

Figure 4.125. Publication window with problems

The publication window displays a list of the content items that you intend to publish. Below this list, two tabs provide additional information about the failed publication. The Conflicts tab (1) lists both the errors and the content items affected. To complete publication, resolve the errors and then click [Retry] (3). You can click with the mouse to open these content items in the Workspace and resolve the errors there. If you are sure that you want to approve all linked content, simply click the [Approve All and Retry] button (3). In the screenshot shown, you would need to first approve the "Irishstew" content item to be able to complete publication.

The About this publication (2) displays additional information about the publication. This information concerns content items and folders that would also have been published if the publication had been successful.

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