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Studio User Manual / Version 2310

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4.6.12 Editing Top-N Lists

CoreMedia Elastic Social has a specific content type called "Dynamic Elastic Social List" which you can use to create dynamic content based on Elastic Social data. You can select the following categories:

  • Top rated: The N best rated articles

  • Most rated: The N most rated articles

  • Most commented: The N most commented articles

  • Most liked: The N most liked articles

  • Most shared: The N most shared articles

You can also determine for which interval the Top-N articles should be taken and how many articles you want to get in maximum. In order to create a new "Dynamic Elastic Social List" proceed as follows:

Dynamic Elastic Social List

Figure 4.97. Dynamic Elastic Social List

  1. Create a new "Dynamic Elastic Social List" content item.

  2. Select the required type in the List field of the Content tab.

  3. Select the required interval in the Interval field of the Content tab.

  4. You can restrict the list to show only comments or ratings for a certain section, Sport for example. Just choose a page in the Context field of the Content tab.

  5. Select the required number of articles in the Maximum Length field of the Content tab.

  6. Save the content item.

Now you can use the new content item, for example in a "Collection" content item or directly in a page.

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