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4.7.7 Getting Keyword Recommendations

You can use the CoreMedia Feedback Hub (Section, “Feedback Hub for Content Fields”) to get feedback for CoreMedia content from an external system. By default, an integration of the Imagga image recognition service (see is provided. The service gives you keywords, describing the image. However, your CoreMedia installation might also be connected to other services, which might offer you more feedback to your content.

In the CoreMedia default websites, the keywords are added to the header of the generated HTML pages.

Adding keywords to content field

In order to get keywords and add them to a picture content, proceed as follows:

  1. Open a picture content.

  2. Click the icon, to open the Feedback Hub window.

  3. Select the Imagga tab.

    You will get keywords in the Suggested Keywords field. The percentage shows the reliability of the suggested keyword.

    Feedback Hub Window with keywords from Imagga system

    Figure 4.168. Feedback Hub Window with keywords from Imagga system

  4. Select single keywords by selecting the plus icon or all by selecting [Add all] . The selected keywords appear in the Selected Keywords field.

  5. If you want, you can get more keywords by selecting [Load more] , but be aware that all new keywords will have a lower probability to correctly describe the image.

  6. Select [Apply] to copy the keywords into the configured property of your content.

The selected keywords have been added to your content.

When an error occurs during a feedback request, then the corresponding error message will appear in a red status panel within the Feedback Hub window.

Nagbar showing Error during the loading of keywords

Figure 4.169. Nagbar showing Error during the loading of keywords

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