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4.7.4 Synchronizing Content

CoreMedia Content Cloud lets you manage sites in different locales but with the same language (see Section 2.10, “Multi-Site and Multi-Language” for details). In this use case, it is assumed that most of the content of the derived site should be the same as in the master site. To do so, the content of the derived site can be synchronized with all changes made at the master site. The CoreMedia system supports the synchronization process with the side-by-side view, a synchronization workflow and lets you derive an existing site for synchronization.

Icon Name
Open sites window
Derive site
Start a localization workflow
Compare content items

Table 4.34. Icons for Synchronization



In addition to the following sections, also have a look into the Multi-Site Manual. The manual describes different options to design your site hierarchy and gives some guidance to avoid common pitfalls when working with multi-site content.

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