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Studio User Manual / Version 2310

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5.4 Creating Videos from Assets

In order to use a video asset on your website, you first have to create a Video content item, where you can add information required for presentation on a responsive, localized website.

  1. Open the Video Asset item and in the Renditions tab, open the collapsed field with the appropriate rendition. For example, Web for your website.

    Create video from asset button

    Figure 5.7. Create video from asset button

  2. In the Localized Web Assets field, click . A dialog opens up.

    If you want, change the name or folder location, then click [Create] .

    For a video asset, a Video item and a Picture item are created. The picture contains the thumbnail for the video and is already linked from the Pictures field of the Video content item. The newly created items open up. You can edit it as usual.

    When the asset contains an expiration date, then this value is inserted into the Valid to property of the Video content item. The copyright information from the asset is inserted into the corresponding property of the Video. The asset now shows the new Video in the Localized Web Assets field and the Video content item links to the asset.

    Newly created video shown in Video Asset

    Figure 5.8. Newly created video shown in Video Asset

    Only for external catalogs: If the Video Asset item contains a Product Id in the Product Codes field of the Metadata tab and the ID corresponds to the ID of a product in the catalog, then the picture is automatically assigned to this product.

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