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Studio User Manual / Version 2310

Table Of Contents Adding CMS Pages or Articles to the Commerce System



As a prerequisite, a CoreMediaContentDisplay Page has to be defined in the commerce system that contains the CoreMedia Widget. The CoreMediaContentDisplay feature is only available, when the SEO-URL configuration of your commerce system has been customized by your administrator.

You can not only augment existing pages in the commerce system, but you can also add pages or Articles to the store that were completely created in the CMS.

In order to add a CMS page or article to your commerce pages, proceed as follows:

  1. Create a new page or article in your site folder.

  2. In the new page, add the content of the page to the Main placement in the Content tab.


    Enter your content into the new Article content.

  3. The page must be part of the site. Therefore, link the new page from the Navigation Children property of the site root Augmented Page or from any other page that is part of the site.

  4. Link the new page or article from other content, which is shown in commerce pages. For example, in a collection which is shown on an augmented category page.

    Now, when you click the link to the new page or article in the catalog, you will see the content with the catalog header and footer.

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