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Studio User Manual / Version 2310

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5.6 Searching for Assets

You can search for assets below the /Assets folder, like you search for any other content (see Section 4.3, “Locating Content”). However, Advanced Asset Management enhances the Filters menu (see Section “Filtering the results”) in the Library with asset specific filters and removes filters that are not applicable to assets.

Asset Category

Search for assets that belong to certain asset categories (see Section 5.5, “Categorizing Assets”).

Rights: Channels

Search for assets for which you have rights for specific channels, such as web or print.

Rights: Regions

Search for assets for which you have rights for specific regions, such as USA or Europe.


Search for assets for which your rights expire at a given point in time, for example in two weeks.



Keep in mind that the filter options for one rights filter are jointly applied. That is, when you filter for channel rights with "web" and "print" selected, you will only get results which have at least rights for both channels.

Search Results

Table Of Contents

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