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Studio User Manual / Version 2310

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7.1.3 Previewing Client Personalization

You can preview variants and segments either from the toolbar of an specific Experience or Segmentation content item or make a global setting in the Preview toolbar.

Previewing from the Linklist Toolbar

In order to preview the content of a variant or segment, click the Preview icon in the toolbar of the variant or segment. The corresponding variant/segment content will be loaded into the preview window.

Select preview from the linklist toolbar

Figure 7.6.  Select preview from the linklist toolbar

Configuring Preview in Preview Toolbar

In the preview toolbar, a new menu has been added. It allows you to enable a segment and a combination of experience variants for preview.

  1. Click the Personalization Preview icon in order to open the Preview menu.

    Preview in Preview Toolbar

    Figure 7.7.  Preview in Preview Toolbar

  2. In Active Segment select a segment from the dropdown box for which the content should be shown. You can only select one segment

    In Active Experiences select an experience from the dropdown box. You can add more than one experience. When you have selected an experience, select the checkbox of the variant for which you want to show the content.

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