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Studio User Manual / Version 2310

Table Of Contents Editing Paragraphs

In Studio, you can format paragraphs as follows:

  • Applying a particular style

  • Formatting as a quote

  • Formatting as a list

  • Altering the indent

  • Specifying paragraph alignment

  • Formatting as a code block

Toolbar Element Function
Numbered list
Bulleted list
Decrease indent
Increase indent
Insert code block

Table 4.11. Toolbar Elements

Paragraph and Header Formats
  1. In the rich text field, position the cursor in your chosen paragraph.

  2. Now select the Paragraph drop-down menu (1) from the toolbar and select a header format.


    Alternatively, start a line with # or ## or ### followed by a space to create a heading 1, heading 2 or heading 3. To remove a selected header format, select Paragraph.

Your paragraph now appears in the new style.

Paragraph styles

Figure 4.45. Paragraph styles

Formatting as a quote
  1. Position the cursor where you want to mark text as a quote.

  2. Click the icon.


    Start a line with > followed by a space to create a quote.

The paragraph is now highlighted with a gray bar and an italic font.

Formatting as a list

You can format paragraphs as lists. You have the option of formatting paragraphs as bulleted lists or as numbered lists. You can also create nested lists.

  1. Mark the paragraphs that you would like to convert into a list.

  2. Click the numbering icon or the bullet icon (3).


    Start a line with * or 1. followed by a space to create a bullet list or a ordered list, respectively.

The text of your choice now appears as a list.

Changing the indention of list elements
  1. Position the cursor in your chosen list item.

  2. Click the icon or icon icon.

The list level is now increased or decreased for your marked list item.

Formatting as a Code Block

You can format text as a code block.

  1. Position the cursor in your chosen code item or select the complete code block.

  2. Click the icon to format the code block as plain text or click the small arrow to open the language menu and select the language.

    Language menu for code block

    Figure 4.46.  Language menu for code block

    Keep in mind, that you will not get syntax highlighting for the selected language in the rich text field.


You can format the edge of a paragraph as follows:

  • Left-aligned

  • Right-aligned

  • Centered

  • Justified

  1. Position the cursor in your chosen paragraph.

  2. Click the icon and select the appropriate icon from the opening toolbar.

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