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Studio User Manual / Version 2310

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Prerequisite is, that the category in the commerce system has a layout assigned that contains the CoreMedia Content Widget.

You can add specific content to certain categories by augmenting the commerce Category with an Augmented Category item.

  1. In the library, select the category that you want to augment. Already augmented categories have a different icon as shown in the screenshot (2).

    Augment a category

    Figure 6.27. Augment a category

  2. Select Augment Category (1) from the context menu or click in the toolbar.

    The Augmented Category content item is created in the preferred site folder below Navigation/augmentation. The content item opens up and all placements are set to inherit from the parent category.

    If you had the category open in Studio, then the form will be replaced by the Augmented Category. Other users that have the category open will get a message, that the category has been augmented.

    Newly created augmented category

    Figure 6.28. Newly created augmented category

  3. In the Content tab, add your content to the placement, the name of which corresponds to the setting of the CoreMedia Content Widget.

Now, the category overview page shows the defined content.

Augmented Category with content

Figure 6.29. Augmented Category with content

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