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Table Of Contents Replacing Commerce Images in Categories with CMS Images

CoreMedia Content Cloud allows you to manage images in the CoreMedia system for categories of the commerce system. The mechanism and steps are equivalent to the product image management feature as described before. With the Connector for Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Connector for SAP Commerce Cloud, you simply have to link a Category to a Picture item.

Connector for HCL Commerce specific configuration

First you have to link a Category to a Picture item and afterwards you have to add a specific URL to the category definition in the commerce system.

Add the following CoreMedia URL formats to the category definition in HCL Commerce:



HCL Commerce supports multiple image URLs for products in an extended sites environment. That means that you can specify a dedicated image URL per product and per site although the catalog is shared between different sites.

On the other hand it is not supported to override image URLs for categories in an extended sites environment. That means that the same image URL is used for all sites. You can add a [storeId] placeholder to image URLs which is dynamically replaced with the storeId-value of the current site at runtime. The image URL format looks like this:


Please note, that for [storeId] resolution the following feature described in Section, “Placeholder Resolution for Asset URLs” in Blueprint Developer Manual must activated.

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