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Studio User Manual / Version 2310

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8.2.1 Opening a User Profile

There are two ways to open a user profile:

  • from the Moderation View

  • from the User Management View

From the Moderation View

If you work in the Moderation View and want to check the profile of a user you are currently working with, simply click the user name link in the comment view to open the users profile.

Open user profile from the Moderation View

Figure 8.16. Open user profile from the Moderation View

From the User Management

If you want to open the profile of a specific user proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Main menu and select User Management.

    The search window appears.

  2. Start typing your search term into the search bar.

    The full text search considers user name, given name and surname and email address. You will get suggestions for your search with the number of results shown in parentheses.

    Search window with suggestions for your search

    Figure 8.17. Search window with suggestions for your search

  3. Select one of the suggestions and press Enter.

    The search window shows the results:

    Results of the search

    Figure 8.18. Results of the search

  4. Double click the profile you want to see.

    The profile window opens and shows the data of the selected user.

Search Results

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