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5.1 Extracted Metadata

CoreMedia Advanced Asset Management extracts product codes from the IPTC metadata of JPEG pictures uploaded to Picture Asset items. You will find them on the Metadata tab in the Product Code field. If you create a Picture item from the asset, the Picture item will automatically be linked to the product with the corresponding product code.



By default, the CoreMedia system only reads in the Source inventory number field of the Artwork or Object in the Image section. Your implementation team can extend this by using the XmpImageMetaDataExtractor class, and the ProductIdExtractor class as a reference from the Blueprínt.

A product code that can be read during the upload, has to be placed in the right field of the metadata. To do so, you can use any software that supports setting extended IPTC tags for the XMP standard, such as Photoshop.

Add the product code to the Source inventory number field of the Artwork or Object in the Image section in the IPTC Extension tab (see Figure 5.2, “IPTC metadata setting in Photoshop” for an example with Photoshop). You can add more than one product code to an image.

IPTC metadata setting in Photoshop

Figure 5.2. IPTC metadata setting in Photoshop

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