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Studio User Manual / Version 2310

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5.5 Categorizing Assets

CoreMedia Content Cloud contains a specific taxonomy for assets based on Asset Category items. This taxonomy is used to create the download hierarchy in the download portal of CoreMedia Content Cloud.

Taxonomy for assets

Figure 5.9. Taxonomy for assets

The taxonomy items are located in All Content/Settings/Taxonomies/Asset Download Portal. You can work with taxonomies as described in Section 4.6.16, “Metadata Management”.

Adding an image to a category

A category can have a thumbnail image that is used to represent the category in the download portal. In order to add an image, proceed as follows:

  1. Select the category in the taxonomy editor.

  2. Drag an Picture Asset content with a filled Thumbnail property onto the Asset for Thumbnail property of the category element.

Categorizing an asset

You can simply select the category to which an asset belongs in the Asset Categories field.

Add category to asset

Figure 5.10. Add category to asset

You can use the category in searches and it is used to organize the download portal.

Download portal with Asset

Figure 5.11. Download portal with Asset

Search Results

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