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Studio User Manual / Version 2310

Table Of Contents Adding Default Content for Categories and Product Detail Pages

For all shop pages (category overview, product details and others) to which you have added the Content Widget and to which you have not assigned specific content (described in Section, “Adding Category Specific Content”), there must be default content that is shown instead. This content is taken from the category root or from the site root page.

All preparatory work (creation and configuring of default pages) will probably be done by a technical editor and does not need to be repeatedly executed in everyday life. Nevertheless, these standard pages can also be refilled on a daily basis.

The default content can either be added to the site root of type Augmented Page or to the category root page of type Augmented Category. In both cases, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the catalog root or site root content item of your site.

  2. Select an adequate layout in the Content or Product Content tab (for Categories or Product Detail Pages, respectively) and add the desired content to the placement that matches the one defined in the CoreMedia Content Widget.

The Augmented Category content item contains two page layouts: the one in the Content tab is applied to the Category Overview Page and the other in the Product Content tab is used for all Product Detail Pages. Both layouts are taken from the root category. The layouts that are set there form the default layouts for a site. Hence, they should be the most commonly used layouts. If you want something different, you can choose another layout from the list.



If you want to use a completely different layout on a distinct page (a landing page's layout, for example, differs typically from other page's layouts), you should use different placement names for the "Landing Page Layout", for example with a landing-page prefix (as part of the technical identifier in the struct of the layout content item). This way, pages below the intermediate landing page, which use the default layout again, can still inherit the elements from pages above the intermediate page (from the root category, for instance), because the elements are not concealed by the intermediate page.

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