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Studio User Manual / Version 2310

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1.2 About this Manual

CoreMedia Content Cloud is a modular system where most of these add-ons add functionality to CoreMedia Studio. Nevertheless, the system you are working with might not contain all the add-ons or might be otherwise adapted to your specific needs. Therefore, your system might miss some of the functions described in this manual or might have some extras that are not described here.

Add-ons are:

  • CoreMedia Elastic Social: Adds functionality for user generated content (comments, likes ...) and external user management. See Chapter 8, Working with User Generated Content for the functionality.

  • CoreMedia Adaptive Personalization: Adds functionality for personalized content with customer segments or personas. See Chapter 7, Working with Personalized Content for the functionality.

  • Advanced Asset Management: Adds functionality for management of assets, like pictures, videos or PDF documents. See Chapter 5, Working with Assets for details.

  • CoreMedia Blueprint: Combines all modules and adds functionality such as easy creation of content.

  • Commerce Hub: Connects the CoreMedia System with commerce systems from third-party providers.

  • Content Hub: Connects external systems with the CoreMedia System and displays the content in Studio.

  • Feedback Hub: Connects external systems with the CoreMedia System, so that you get external information to your data. For example, tags, related content or spellchecking.

Functionality that stems from separate modules is therefore highlighted with a note at the beginning of the section.

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