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Studio User Manual / Version 2310

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3.3.6 Configure Preferred Types for New Content

By default, the repository toolbar provides a menu with all types of content to create. In order to configure a list of preferred new types, the editor may select a list of content types from a list that will appear at the top of the menu.

Preferred Types New Content Selection

Figure 3.6. Preferred Types New Content Selection

The existing content types are still available, but will be moved to the submenu All.

Preferred Types in the New Content Menu (Library)

Figure 3.7. Preferred Types in the New Content Menu (Library)

Additionally, the selected content types will be added at the top of the 'New Content' menu as well.

Preferred Types in the New Content Menu

Figure 3.8. Preferred Types in the New Content Menu

Configure this feature as follows:

  1. Open the User Menu and select Preferences.

  2. Select tab Content.

  3. Enter the name of the content types you want to add as preferred types for new content.

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