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Studio User Manual / Version 2310

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By default, the rich text field supports an autoformatting feature for text. This means, you can use Markdown syntax to format your text. When you start, for example, a paragraph with a hash sign (#) and a space, the paragraph will automatically be shown as a heading 1.

Depending on the setup of your CoreMedia system, this feature might be disabled.

If enabled, you can use the following Markdown shortcodes in your text. The text behind the shortcode in the Syntax column is only meant as an example.

Format Syntax

Headings 1 - 3

# Heading 1

## Heading 2

### Heading 3

Bullet list

* First item
- first item

Ordered list

1. First item
1) First item

Block Quote

> Text to quote

Code block

``` Code block text


**Bold Word** or __Bold Word__


*Italic word* or _Italic word_


`Inline code`


~~Strikethrough text~~

Table 4.10.  Supported Markdown shortcodes

Resetting Autoformatted Text

Sometimes you may want to start a paragraph, for example with a hash, which should not be autoformatted as a heading. In this case, simply press Backspace or Ctrl+Z after the autoformatting. This removes the formatting and leaves the character symbol, in this case the hash.

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