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Studio User Manual / Version 2310

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7.1 Working with Client-Side Personalization


Client Personalization Feature

Client-side personalization integrates with third-party personalization solutions, such as Kibo. Client-side means, that the content shown to the customer is selected on the browser, not the CoreMedia system. Nevertheless, you as an editor, prepare the content that is shown, depending on segments and experiences.

Special content types that are part of Client-side personalization are used to provide the personalization functionality:

  • A content type to create an experience. This is the type Experience (or technically P13NExperience).

  • A content type to connect third-party segments with the CoreMedia system. This is the type External Segment (or technically P13NSegment).

  • A content type to define content shown depending one segments . This is the type Customer Segment (technically P13NSegmentation.

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