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Studio User Manual / Version 2310

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8.2 Working with Users

Users can create a profile on the website. The editor can moderate this profile from the Moderation View and the User Management View. Figure 8.15, “User Profile View” shows the different sections of the User Profile View.

User Profile View

Figure 8.15. User Profile View

  • (1) Image of the user profile.

  • (2) User details with the email address to which notifications are sent.

  • (3) Data about the user allows you to determine how active a user is and how reliable. The language determines the language of notification emails for this user.

  • (4) Status of the user

  • (5) Help information about the moderation actions.

  • (6) Navigation buttons to browse through search results.

  • (7) The buttons to delete a user, to apply the changes or to leave the window without changes.

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