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4.5.3 Adding a Sitemap


CoreMedia Blueprint Feature

You can add a Sitemap item to nearly all fields of a Page content item where you can add content, for example Footer Objects or Sidebar. Nevertheless, it probably makes most sense to add it to the footer.

Adding a Sitemap

Figure 4.38. Adding a Sitemap

In the CoreMedia Corporate example page, the Sitemap content is not directly linked to the Corporate page. Instead, there is a Sitemap Page content that contains the Sitemap content item. This is due to styling issues.

In order to create a sitemap do the following:

The Sitemap type

Figure 4.39. The Sitemap type

  1. Create a new content item of type Sitemap.

  2. Add a name to the Sitemap Title field. This name is shown above the site map.

  3. Drag the Page to the Root Page field that should be the starting point of the site map.

  4. You can add a teaser text to the Teaser Text field. This text is shown when you use the site map as a teaser.

  5. You can limit the depth of the displayed site map hierarchy. Enter the maximum depth into the Sitemap Depth field. The default value is "3".

Now you can use the new Sitemap item in your site.

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