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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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CoreMedia Content Application Engine

Removal: CAE Module cap-editing-pbe-taglib-component

The unused and deprecated module cap-editing-pbe-taglib-component has been removed. It is recommended to use the tags cm:previewScripts and cm:metadata of the CAE tag library in JSP templates instead of the removed tags pbe:head and pbe:contextinfo , respectively.


Moved static CAE resources to '/static/'

Build-in static CAE resources were moved to '/static '. Although this it is not a hard requirement that static resources be served from the '/static ' path we do recommend to serve static resources using this prefix because it supports a clean separation of static resources from servlet mappings when developing rewrite rules.


Deprecation of Image Operations

The image operation gamma and the parameters of the unsharpMask are now deprecated. Both operations couldn't be controlled by editors in the Studio directly for single images. They also haven't been used in the Blueprint by default.

Follow Section, “Deprecation of Image Operations” for upgrade information.


Removal: CAE Code Minification

The deprecated and unused interface com.coremedia.blueprint.cae.view.processing.Minifier has been removed. It is recommended to minify and optimize CSS and JavaScript files during build steps in the frontend workspace. This will be done by the blueprint default webpack configuration. Therefore the property disableServerSideCompression has been removed from Theme Configuration and build scripts too.


Removal: Elastic Social Personalization Extension

The Elastic Social Personalization extension was removed without replacement.


Deprecation: Property "ieExpression" of CMAbstractCode

The doctype property ieExpression of CMAbstractCode has been deprecated due to removal of Internet Explorer support. All usages will be removed soon.


Removal: Deprecated Sitemap URI Pattern /service/sitemap/{sitemapPath}

The deprecated Sitemap URI Pattern /service/sitemap/\{sitemapPath\ } and the related handler have been removed from com.coremedia.blueprint.cae.sitemap.SitemapHandler ( cae-base-lib ). The same applies to private members ACTION_NAME and SITEMAP_PATH which are now obsolete.

Follow Section, “Removal: Deprecated Sitemap URI Pattern /service/sitemap/{sitemapPath}” for upgrade information.


Removal: Deprecated UriComponentsHelper#addQueryParameters Method

The deprecated method com.coremedia.objectserver.web.links.UriComponentsHelper#addQueryParameters has been deleted. If you still use it in your project code, switch to UriComponentsBuilder#queryParams(MultiValueMap)


Deprecation: ContentBlobHandlerBase

com.coremedia.objectserver.web.ContentBlobHandlerBase has been deprecated. No handlers use it any longer. If you still need it in your project code, please contact the CoreMedia support.


Removal: Deprecated ContentBlobHandlerBase#URIVARIABLE_VERSION Field

The deprecated field com.coremedia.objectserver.web.ContentBlobHandlerBase#URIVARIABLE_VERSION has been deleted from the Java API. The result map of ContentBlobHandlerBase#buildBlobLink contains no entry for this key any longer. If you still use it in your project, migrate to ContentBlobHandlerBase#URIVARIABLE_ETAG .


Removal: BlueprintFreemarkerFacade functions

Both deprecated Freemarker functions getContainerMetadata() and getDisplaySize() have been removed. Please use Container#getContainerMetadata() and getDisplayFileSize() instead.


Removal: Deprecated Methods of CMProductList

The deprecated Methods from the CMProductList interface have been removed. The implementation of those methods are still available in '' as they are used in 'livecontext-dataviews.xml'.


Removal: CAE TokenResolver Class

Classes com.coremedia.objectserver.web.links.TokenResolver and com.coremedia.objectserver.web.links.TokenResolverHelper were removed because token resolving repeatedly caused encoding issues with links. Use Spring utilities to build URI components and their built-in support to replace variables instead.


CAE cache-control default behavior changed

In CAE responses the "s-maxage" value in Cache-Control header was forced to be set to the same value as for "max-age", regardless of whether there was a separate configuration for "s-maxage". A factor can now be configured for setting the "s-maxage" header value in relation to "max-age" (see new property "cae.cache-control.s-maxage-factor"). Default value is "0.0" which means that no "s-maxage" is set unless it is explicitly configured. The old behavior can be restored by setting the value "1.0".


Removal: LiveContext IBM/WCS implementation

The deprecated LiveContext HCL/IBM extension in the blueprint has been removed. It is replaced by the Commerce Hub. Connections to an eCommerce system are no longer established directly, but only via Commerce Hub/Adapter. The example Aurora B2B sites have been removed from the demo content. As a result, a few features of the B2B support have also been omitted. Note, there is still no replacement in the Commerce Hub for them. In detail, these are the handling of workspaces and contracts.


Moved internal CAE controllers to management application context

In CM10 the CAE exposed several endpoints below ' /blueprint/servlet/internal ' which had to be handled separately when setting up URL rewrite rules so that they cannot be accessed from the public internet. In CM11 they are now configured to be included in the spring boot management context (together with the actuators) and are available on a different port (by default in blueprint deployment port 8081 on the CAE Docker Container and mapped to 40981 for preview and 42181 for live CAE). Affected endpoints are concerned with URL generation ( /blueprint/servlet/internal/service/url ), sitemap generation ( /blueprint/servlet/internal/<siteid>/sitemap-org ) and test URL generation ( /blueprint/servlet/internal/<siteid>/testurls ).

Follow Section, “Moved internal CAE controllers to management application context” for upgrade information.


Removal: BlueprintFreemarkerFacade functions

Both deprecated Freemarker functions createBeanFor() and createBeansFor() have been moved from BlueprintFreemarkerFacade to LivecontextFreemarkerFacade , because of the remaining usages in livecontext templates. We recommend to not use the functions in projects.


The preview CAE now runs with standalone mode disabled

The property delivery.standalone is now disabled by default in the preview CAE. As a result the preview CAE uses the same URLs as the live CAE and the default proxy configuration no longer requires /blueprint/servlet to be accessible when running behind a web proxy.


Static Files of External Preview moved to /static folder

In order to simplify proxy rules to split requests to static files and dynamic servlets, the static files of the external preview have been moved to a static folder and are now served at


Optimize Rendering of embedded content in Richtext

When embedding content (esp. images) in richtext, asRichtextEmbed templates are likely to break HTML validity by rendering <div> blocks inside the richtext's <p> context. So far, the Blueprint's PDivUntanglingFilter tried to be smart and adjust the HTML accordingly by closing and reopening the <p> context around an embedded object. However, this magic never really matched projects' expectations about the result, because it sometimes led to unwanted additional paragraphs or empty links.

Follow Section, “Optimize Rendering of embedded content in Richtext” for upgrade information.


Removal: Sitemaps generation for commerce sites

The sitemap generation for commerce sites is removed from the CAE. The implementation was part of the old IBM livecontext extension that was also removed. The feature can be re-implemented by integrating the package from CMCC 10 blueprint.


Removal: CMHasContextsImpl#getDataViewFactory() method

CMHasContextsImpl#getDataViewFactory() has been removed, since its usage could lead to cyclic dependencies or uncontrolable cache invalidations.


Richtext Pagination

ParagraphHelper#createParagraphs(Markup, int) was supposed to paginate Richtext at headings ( &lt;p> elements with class attributes p-\-heading-1-4 ) ever since. Due to a bug, this feature was broken. Now, it is fixed, so you might observe more pages. This concerns especially CMTeasableImpl#getTextAsParagraphs . If you don't like the fixed pagination, omit the change in when you update the Blueprint.


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