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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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Enable Readiness and Liveness Health Group Endpoints

With Spring Boot 2.3 it is possible to define two extra subpaths of the health actuator to be used as the probing endpoints of the liveness and readiness checks in Kubernetes. This change enables those groups and adds the relevant checks to these groups.

For the cae and the headless-server, this change adds the uapiConnectionReadiness health check to the readiness health group. The health check is responsible to switch its state, whenever the UAPI connection is and will become unavailable.

This allows for an automation to remove the clients from its ingress loadbalancing before its repository becomes unavailable but allows him to process all outstanding request during a grace period given to the repository on a runlevel switch to maintenance.

To disable this new behaviour, remove the following two properties from the in the cae-live-app, cae-preview-app and the headless-server-app:




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