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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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CoreMedia Commerce Hub

Extend live context environment with fragment connector disabled

The com.coremedia.fragmentConnector.disabled property now can be configured via properties files such as or, besides via Standard Environment variable or JVM argument.


Fixed propagation of CatalogAlias to CommerceBeans' StoreContexts

Commerce beans now propagate the catalog alias which is encoded in their commerce ID to derived commerce beans such as subcategories or assigned products. This fix ensures that the catalog alias is also set to the store context held by the commerce beans.


Fixed delegation to built-in commerce services for custom commerce service implementations

Introduced com.coremedia.blueprint.base.livecontext.client.common.RequiresServiceDelegate as callback interface if a custom commerce service implementation requires the built-in service instance as delegate.


Fixed a bug regarding `commerce.hub.cache` properties

The deprecated commerce cache properties prefixed commerce.hub.cache caused application startup to fail. This bug has been fixed so that these properties can be used again. But still remember to convert them to cache.<capacites|timeout-seconds>.ecommerce properties soon.


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