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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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CoreMedia Deployment

Enabled Health Checks for Commerce Adapters

After the replacement of the dockerfile-maven-plugin with the google-jib-plugin to build the Docker images for the commerce adapters, the images don't contain any health checks directive any more. The health check are now configured in the Docker Compose files.


The wait-for-* scripts have been replaced with an environment variable controlled mechanism

Instead of changing the entrypoint chain to call a wait script, the new coremedia/java-application-base:2.4.0-* images include a tool that can be configured using environment variables. The tool docker-compose-wait is configured by WAIT_HOSTS and WAIT_PATHS to be set to either a comma separated list of host:port pairs or file paths.

The old wait-for-* scripts will still be available but usages should be migrated.


Graceful Shutdown for all Spring Boot based Applications

Graceful shutdown as described in the Spring Boot documentation here has been activated.


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