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Release Notes / Version 11.2110

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CoreMedia Deployment

Update to Latest Commerce Adapter Versions and Adaption of Configurations

The (default) versions of the commerce adapters have been updated to the latest 2.0.x versions. The new adapter versions require some configuration changes:

Follow Section, “Update to Latest Commerce Adapter Versions and Adaption of Configurations” for upgrade information.


Enable Readiness and Liveness Health Group Endpoints

With Spring Boot 2.3 it is possible to define two extra subpaths of the health actuator to be used as the probing endpoints of the liveness and readiness checks in Kubernetes. This change enables those groups and adds the relevant checks to these groups.

Follow Section, “Enable Readiness and Liveness Health Group Endpoints” for upgrade information.


Enables deployment of SFMC via docker-compose.

Includes global/deployment/docker/compose/sfmc.yml to deploy SFMC via docker-compose.


Removal: Deployment Archive with Chef Deployment

The Deployment Archive has been removed. Please use the container images build by the *-app Maven modules to deploy CoreMedia. The Docker compose development setup, shows what images need to be used, what environment variables are mandatory and how ports and volumes need to be mapped.


Container Image Build Process Changes

The dockerfile-maven-plugin has been replaced with the google-jib-plugin to build OCI conform container images, because the dockerfile-maven-plugin is no longer maintained. The google-jib-plugin integrates well with Spring-Boot applications and allows to build images securely without Docker being installed. This allows for a rootless, daemonless build but restricts the image building process to use only adding image layers by adding resources. There is no possibility to execute any RUN steps during the build process. Building the images without docker now requires a configured container registry although it is still possible to build images in the local docker daemon, without the need of a registry.

Follow Section, “Container Image Build Process Changes” for upgrade information.


Traefik update in Docker Setup

Traefik has been updated to 2.5.

Follow Section, “Traefik update in Docker Setup” for upgrade information.


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